Client: Three Pillars

Project Summary:

Afflux was engaged to investigate the impact of proposed development and Albion Triangle on Stony Creek which cuts through the site.  The site is deemed as an important growth and activity area for the future of Sunshine. The proposed Melbourne Airport raillink is expected to dock at this location, and as such the area will be a key connection for the western suburbs.

All stakeholders are interested in increasing the aesthetics and environmental value of this section of Stony Creeks. However, there are limitations in what can be delivered due to space constraints and costs. Consequently, it was important to get an agreement with Melbourne Water and Brimbank Council on the goals and vision for Stony Creek.

Project Outcome:

An agreement with Melbourne Water was reached with the following guiding principals:

  • This section of Stony Creek to be treated as an “urbanised” creek, rather than expectations of a “fully naturalized” creek
  • Hydraulics of the area to meet the principals outlined by Melbourne Water
  • Creek boundaries to remain within existing Melbourne Water parcel unless external funding is made to acquire land
  • Innovative funding models to contribute towards beautification of the waterway such as water quality contribution offsets, regional development funding models and other funding sources (local and state).
  • Any additional land required for naturalization/urbanization will require purchase funding that may or may not be part of the overall development negotiation

Key Features and Innovations:

  • Working with  Client and Melbourne Water to devise a development plan which benefits the creek and community