Afflux Consulting is a young and dynamic consultancy with a passion for stormwater management coupled with the collective experience of over 40 years in the industry.

Chris Beardshaw is the Principal Modelling Engineer and is passionate about stormwater management. Chris has over 20 years experience in the stormwater management industry and is considered a leader in his field. Chris has completed a BEnv Eng (Hons) a MEngSci and a Graduate Certificate in River health management. Chris has been a committee member on the Victorian Stormwater Industry Association for a number of years and continues to add to the discussion of best practice stormwater management. Chris is the immediate past President of Stormwater Victoria.

Afflux’s staff are considered to be experts in the fields of 2 dimensional flood modelling, water quality modelling, stormwater design, WSUD design, waterway management and design. Their employee’s have presented at numerous water conferences over the last 10 years and are well known for their communication skills. Communicating a highly technical solution to both clients and authorities is often the most important aspect of a design solution, and the team have proven over a number of years that negotiating a solution is an area in which they excel.

Afflux’s underlying principal is a belief that an independent specialist company will provide a better, more efficient solution in a timely manner than a larger company saving both the client, and ultimately the authority both time and frustration. Afflux works with a network of similar minded practitioners across a range of fields, and as such can provide a range of expert opinions/solutions matching and exceeding the outputs of larger multidisciplinary consultancies.