Client: Belfield Planning Consultants

Project Summary:

Afflux Consulting was engaged by Belfield Planning to outline the preliminary stormwater requirements and options for the development of 1180 Plenty Rd, South Morang. This report reviews and highlights key points from the Drainage Services Scheme (DSS), however makes recommendations for additional treatment measures where appropriate.

Project Outcome:

The investigation found that the proposed DSS for the area was not the best option for the site, given the location of the parcel to the train station. This was because flows to the site is constrained by the existing culvert with a capacity ~2.1m³/s and were not accounted for the in the DSS. Proposed stormwater networks, alignments and flow paths for the 20% AEP and 1% AEP were presented, and 2 concept plans devised:

  • Concept 1 – Retarding basin of 8200m³. Approx. 0.55ha land area
  • Concept 2 – Retarding and water quality treatment. Approx. 1.5ha land area

Key Features and Innovations:

  • Used outside the box thinking to provide a solution that benefits Melbourne Water and community