Client: Millar and Merrigan

Project Summary:

Afflux Consulting was engaged by Millar and Merrigan to conduct a flood investigation of the proposed development of Paramount Springs Estate, Warragul. This morphed into a greater stormwater review of the site, including water quality and hydrological investigations. Consequently, a flood investigation was required to understand flood risk to these parcels and to provide mitigation options if required. Keys stages of the development impacted the flood risk of the site, such as the development of design surfaces (and construction of Bailey Rd), changes to the flow paths along the western and northern arms, and future upgrades to Copelands Rd.

Project Recommendations:

This flood and water quality investigation demonstrated that the proposed development of Paramount Springs Estate is able to meet:

  • flood safety requirements in both developed and future scenarios
  • no-worsening flood risk for surrounding properties
  • reduction in flows along the western arm to at least existing conditions
  • reductions in sediment and nutrient loads to the receiving waters

To achieve these goals, the following aspects are recommended:

  • Minimum floor level of 109.7m AHD for the flood impacted lot
  • Sediment basin recommendations
  • Swale recommendations specified
  • Retarding basin and outlet control recommendations for the western arm of the site

Key Features and Innovations:

  • Various aspects of modelling that were required and managing staging of the site