Client: Planning Central Land Use and Development

Project Summary:

Afflux Consulting was asked to devise a stormwater management plan for the development of a parcel of land at 82-84 Butlers Track, Warragul.

The development site is approximately 81 hectares and is undergoing rezoning to residential land as part of the Warragul PSP. As such, a stormwater management plan was required to detail the water management and flood conditions for the site. The investigation discussed temporary works, staging of Council drainage services for the catchment of the retarding basin and wetland, and outline the site’s drainage layout. Additionally, the investigation covered the major drainage, flooding and water quality associated with the development.

Project Recommendations:

The site was within the Warragul drainage scheme area and will eventually have all of its water quality and quantity requirements met by the Landsborough Road Retarding basin and wetland. However, in the interim phases, and within the timeline of this development it was shown that this development can meet waterway protection requirements through its permanent works. These works included:

  • The development to allow a significant reserve area along the major waterway
  • A minor pipe network be installed similar to the alignment as shown in the report
  • Sedimentation basins be designed and installed as per the sizes and locations as recommended in the report. This will further protect the waterways from sedimentation and some nutrient pollution
  • GPT to treat the smaller sub-catchment located in the south-west region

Key Features and Innovations:

  • Optimising a solution for the development with several streams crossing the site