Client: Millar Merrigan

Project Summary:

For this project, Afflux Consulting was asked by Millar Merrigan to conduct a flood risk and management plan in conjunction with the proposed development at 95 Healesville-Kinglake Rd, Healesville. This investigation reviewed key information relating to the site, including data at local gauges, to provide advice on the Flood Management Plan.

In particular, it examined the safety of inhabitants in case of flood. It discusses flow characteristics of Watts River and provides practical advice on risk management. Various aspects were considered during this study:

  • Permit comments from Council and Melbourne Water.
  • Historical rainfall and flow data for Watts River and Maroondah Reservoir.
  • Flood risk to health, safety and life as a result of development.
  • Susceptibility of the development to flood damage. 
  • Frequency, duration, extent, depth and velocity of flooding of the site.
  • Egress from the site in event of flooding.
  • Flood warning time.
  • Effect of the development on redirecting or obstructing floodwater.

Project Outcome:

The result of this analysis was a detailed evacuation plan for residents to follow in event of flood. It included trigger points for actions relating back to creek levels at the site. 

Key Features and Innovations:

  • Evacuation planning which involved live flow gauge data at Maroondah Reservoir.
  • Relaying complex hydrology to simple form for future resident evacuation.