Client: South Haven Group

Project Summary:

Afflux Consulting was engaged by Contour Town Planners to conduct a flood risk and management plan in conjunction with the proposed development of 2 Hall St, Hawthorn East.

The area is subject to significant flooding from Gardiners Creek. The flooding in this area is complex, with influences on the final flood depth and extent characterised by:

  • Type of rainfall event, both short duration thunderstorm type events and long duration hydrographs will result in flooding of the site.
  • Influence of upstream hydraulic controls, in particular the Burke Street tunnel (Gardiners Creek tunnel) and the influence of leveeā€™s and freeway sound walls.
  • The selection of tailwater in the Yarra River. The site is less than 2km from the confluence with the Yarra River, the height of the Yarra before and during an event has an influence on the flood level within the area.

Project Outcome:

Key flood levels and actions were prepared for the site. It detailed mitigation measure and evacuation plans. Modelling found deep flooding at the entrance of the building, and hence extra emergency exits per recommended for the southern end of the building. The evacuation plan describes how to prepare for the evacuation and when it is necessary. 

Key Features and Innovations:

  • Discussions with Melbourne Water the risks associated with flooding to a key urban development area.
  • Innovative solutions for evacuation.