Client: MAB Corporation

Project Summary:

This memo concerns the major flood extents and developable portions at the site known as Saltworks, Avalon Rd. The site is to be considered for a change in land use, and this memo gives a high level analysis of the possible Stormwater and Flooding requirements.

Previous modelling of the surrounding area had been completed for the Corrangamite Catchment Management Authority and VicRoads as part of the Highway upgrades. This information however, would not be representative of the current industry standards orĀ terrain conditions and is not specific to the site. A flood model was built to assess the flood extent through the site and to compare to past models.

Key Findings and Recommendations:

A review of the available hydrological studies upstream of Princes Highway found a revised flow estimate. The flood extent and possible manipulation of extent was explored, and significant offsets found for water quality and flood provisions. Detailed water quality modelling was required to meet SEPP requirements for the RAMSAR wetlands.

Key Features and Innovations:

  • Proposed RAMSAR wetlands for protecting of native bird species.
  • Re-development of industrial land for future use.