Client: Verve Projects

Project Summary:

Afflux Consulting was engaged by Verve Projects to prepare an Integrated Water Management Plan for the development of 11 Troups Rd, Rockbank.

The investigation provided a holistic analysis of the water cycle and brings together organisations that are involved to form a collaborative planning approach with consideration of site, development and catchment scales. The result ensures that water is managed effectively through the site. The plan also takes into account the DSS and development of surrounding areas, with an understanding of Council and Local Water Authority requirements.

Key stakeholders identified in this project included: Melton City Council, Western Water, Melbourne Water, the client, future residents, and VicTrack.

Project Recommendations:

  • 2000 L rainwater tanks on each lot and applied through design guidelines.
  • Toilets plumbed to rainwater tanks.
  • Gardens to be watered from rainwater tanks (allowed for approx. 30 m² of lawn/garden area).
  • Retarding basin of 507m³. 300m² Sedimentation Basin to treat stormwater pollutants.
  • Education packs for water efficient devices supplied to residents.
  • Drainage plan for temporary and ultimate DSS works

Key Features and Innovations:

  • Holistic water cycle management.
  • Applying ARR 2019 methods to a IWM plan.
  • Negotiation between client and VicTrack to discharge to existing railway reserve