Client: Eight Property Investments

Project Summary:

Afflux Consulting was engaged by Eight Property Investments to elaborate on the stormwater management plan at 58-76 Saric Court, Plumpton. An initial report outlined general stormwater concepts for the site, however more detail and advice was required. The project also had to manage Melbourne Water concerns regarding proposed alignments for drainage infrastructure, flooding in the minor and major storms, and outfall conditions.

Ultimately, an integrated urban water management approach was best for this development due to its location in a growth area and proximity to the closest DSS. 

Key Recommendations:

The proposed development is in alignment with the Sinclair Rd DSS and the Precinct Structure Plan for the region. Consequently, proposed stormwater networks, drainage and flow paths for the minor and major storm were present and accepted by all parties (Melbourne Water, Local Council, etc.). The site was recommended:

  • 2000L rainwater tanks plumbed for toilet flushing and garden watering for all lots over 300 m² .
  • Potable water supply from Western Water mains water.
  • No recycled water is to be supplied to the site.
  • Sewage to be connected to Western Water sewerage network.Water quality targets to be met by DSS in long term.Temporary 800 m² retarding basin to achieve volumetric reduction of runoff to environment .
  • Street trees to be implemented in a number of locations across the development .
  • Education campaign as part of the site welcome packs to be co-ordinated through Council