Client: Melbourne Water

Project Summary:

Our team is experienced in all relevant software required to prepare IWMP’s. From RORB, TUFLOW and DRAINS modelling to MUSIC, SPSWMM and MS Excel, we can develop a model to cover almost any scenario.

Our IWMP’s consider the whole water cycle and explore the potable and sewer impacts of alternative supply methods like Stormwater Harvesting.

Stormwater Harvesting models can even  factor in the irrigation needs based on crop factors to more accurately determine demands and storage fluctuations. This is well beyond the simple toilet flushing computations of our competitors.

Integrated Water Management Plans (IWMP’s) need to respond to the needs of the environment, the community, the council and relevant authority.

For us, the IWMP’s provide us the opportunity to step back and look at the bigger picture, considering the full catchment and the development within it.

For this specific example we prepared high level modelling then presented the data with marketing style imagery to “sell” the water story in various stakeholder meetings.