Client: Three Pillars

Project Summary:

Afflux Consulting was engaged by Three Pillars to undertake a hydrological study and provide broad stormwater management advice for the development of the West Industrial Precinct at Armstrong Creek directly adjacent the Armstrong Creek itself. 

The aim of this investigation is to determine major paths across the site and provide an outline of requirements that will ensure that the development meet stormwater management best practises at future stages.  In particular, the development was under-going planning zone changes and hydrological modelling was used to determine any impacts that this would have to Armstrong Creek.

Project Recommendation:

The Rain On Grid model used updated modelling techniques as per ARR 2019 and provides a comparison to traditional flow estimation.

Based on the modelling, the proposed elements were advised to meet future stormwater management requirements:

  • 1.5ha wetland treatment train area to service the western region of the site.
  • 6.25ha to treat the remainder of the site.

The proposed locations of WSUD systems were also discussed with the client to ensure the outcome protected Armstrong Creek and met client needs.

Key Features and Innovations:

  • Early application of ARR2016 hydrological methods for the entire catchment in 2D modelling (TUFLOW).