Client: Latrobe Council

Project Summary:

This project investigated the flood impact of proposed works within the Morwell and Keegan Street Reserves. Existing flood conditions and developed-design conditions of the cricket ground were assessed.

Anecdotal accounts of flooding around the grounds and towards adjacent streets concerned Council. The proposed cricket ground was lifted to ensure drainage during games, however this could worsen flooding in the neighbourhood.

This required a full understanding of the reserve’s role in the catchment (does it have significant flood storage?) and as such a catchment wider hydrological Rain on Grid model was built, with the full suite of storms recommended in ARR2019.

TUFLOW model of existing and post-development designs were built and compared.

Project Outcome:

The modelling found an excellent result for the site. Although the ground was raised, it was offset by proposed drainage around the reserve which buffered residential areas from flooding.

Key Features and Innovations:

  • Applying ARR2019 to a Rain on Grid model for the full catchment.
  • Working with a council to deliver good design outcomes.
  • No worsening of local flooding.