Client: Incitus

Project Summary:

Afflux Consulting was engaged by Incitus to model a dam along Aitkens creek. A hydrologic analysis of the catchment was conducted in RORB to determine the rare and very rare event flows which may cause flooding through the catchment, or a blockage of the existing dam.

The impact of pipe outlet blockages on the overflow spillway of the dam was also analysis to ensure that worse case scenarios were understood.

Project Recommendations:

Scenarios with dam breaks included found that the break acts to direct water through the proposed reserve, and consequently, the flood extent is more contained to the reserve and roads compared to cases where outflow pipes are completely blocked. Consequently, the impact of outflow blockages are more severe in terms of increased flood risk and flood extents than dam breakage.

To check the influence of the basin, difference plots of the developed conditions minus the results found that the basin substantially reduces, and generally removes the risk of flooding to downstream properties. As such it can be confidently stated that the basin reduces the risk of flooding to downstream properties, with the largest risk being complete blockage of the pipes.

Key Features and Innovations:

  • Probable Maximum Flood.
  • Confidence in design for our clients.
  • Innovative modelling with real time thinking.