Muhammadhn is a civil engineer who recently completed his PhD on convective flow in natural water bodies. Muhammadhn is experienced in computational modelling and programming.  He has used several hydraulic and hydrology models, and currently using TUFLOW and RORB on various projects across our business.


  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Monash University, 2022
  • Bachelor of the Science of Engineering (BScEng), University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka, 2016

Key skills:

  • Programming languages: Fortran, MATLAB and Python
  • GIS: ArcMap
  • Water resources software: AWBM, Aquapak, RORB, Flike, HEC-RAS, HEC-HMS, EPANET (water distribution system model), SWMM (Storm Water Management Model)
  • Data analysis using Excel (Macros, Pivot tables, Charts and Graphs) and MATLAB
  • Computational / numerical modelling
  • Other software: AutoCAD, LabVIEW, GrADS, MS Word and PowerPoint, SAP2000, ABACUS, and LaTeX