Client: City of Stonnington

Project Summary:

Jamie (while at Storm Consulting) developed this inner city wetland to improve the quality or stormwater from the South Yarra catchment.

The local stormwater flows are diverted underneath Grange Road via Rocla’s Hydro Brake pit which allows for a large diameter pipe but throttles back the amount of stormwater to a volume that the wetland can cope with it.  This enabled us to put the GPT on the more accessible side of a busy inner city road.  Tying into the intention of the Yarra Biodiversity Corridor, the downstream wetland is now is a wildlife habitat and corridor linked along the banks of the Yarra.  To highlight the benefits of this natural wonderland, the City of Stonnington have developed a “The Life of the Yarra Audio Tour” .

Key Features and Innovations:

  • Inner city habitat zone
  • High capacity, low flow diversion
  • High use bicycle path
  • Under-utilised space underneath high voltage powerlines