Client: Hobsons Bay City Council

Project Summary:

Jamie (while at LD Eng) was engaged by Hobson’s Bay City Council to audit the existing wetland and stormwater assets.  Having been established over 25 years ago, Council have only undertaken incidental maintenance and wanted to appreciate how the wetlands and GPT’s functioned.

Our engagement included site inspections and collaboration with the “Friends of Williamstown Wetlands”, a walking tour with an active local resident and the formal wetland and GPT audit.

We reviewed the contributing catchment and confirmed the potential water quality benefit using the MUSIC model software.  With the system treating inflows well beyond best practice we provided feedback to council based on future maintenance needs.

We found that the original wooden water level control boards had perished and needed replacement and resealing to ensure the water levels are maintained as needed.  Considerable weed growth would naturally regress with an increase in water level.

A staged approach to future maintenance included:

  • Bathymetry survey of wetland and lake to establish current sediment build-up
  • GPT cleanout and retrofit hydraulic gates to facilitate future cleanout
  • Augmentation of wetland outlet pits to facilitate access
  • Rectification of wetland

Key Features and Innovations:

  • Community Engagement
  • Cost effective and practical solutions