Client: Hobsons Bay City Council

Project Summary:

Jamie Tainton (while at Storm Consulting)

Hobson’s Bay City Council were re-developing the Williamstown Cricket Ground and associated Pavilion and wanted a more sustainable outcome than the “business as usual” construction. 

Jamie was engaged to design a stormwater offtake and treatment facility that could be harvested and re-used on the sports ground.  Critical to Council was the water story and ensuring the community understood the connectivity of stormwater to the green fields of the Victorian Football League (VFL) grade ground.  Despite the additional harvestable losses experienced with a wetland, the messaging back to the community was a vital element and thus constructed.

The treatment train included diversion via a Rocla CDS unit that diverted low stormwater flows through the GPT before collecting in a wetland sized to treat to best practice.

A submerged pump-well was then located at the far end of the wetland in the open water section to facilitate extraction.  The water was pumped to an 800kL tank constructed below the upgraded sports field.  An off ground pump and treatment house then polished the water using UV disinfection prior to irrigation.

The assets and their locations reflected the historical nature of the sports ground and aimed not to detract from the picturesque views but rather add to them where possible.  The pump house was located in a shallow underground pit that facilitated access from the surface without confined space issues.  The wetland was placed adjacent the new deck attached to the upgrade pavilion to improve the experience to visitors.

Key Features and Innovations:

  • Under cricket ground storage
  • Wetland treatment option