Client: Private Developer

Project Summary:

Jamie (while at Storm Consulting) prepared a stormwater strategy for a development on the corner of Woods Road and Leakes Road Truganina.

The key challenge in this project was the connection to the allocated Melbourne Water Drainage Scheme assets.  The original connection was through a defined conservation area.  Preliminary discussions with DELWP indicated construction would be facilitated through the reserve if confined.  Upon submission of the Stormwater Management Plan DELWP denied the access and alternatives had to be identified. 

The primary purpose of the connection was to retard flows with water quality to be resolved downstream.  With that in mind, we developed a hydraulic pit and pipe system that facilitated the free flow of stormwater from the 80 Woods Road development and throttled the flows within the retarding basin back harder in exchange.  The net outflow out of the system and south of Leakes Road were kept the same and all objectives of the system maintained despite the fundamental change in functionality.

Key Features and Innovations:

  • Hydraulic structure prioritising one catchment over another with no net impact down stream
  • Negotiating a positive outcome and balancing competing objectives