Client: Melbourne Water

Project Summary:

Jamie (while at Storm Consulting) was engaged by Melbourne Water to work with A raspberry grower in Gembrook. The raspberry grower was caught in a maximum non permit requirement for new poly tunnels.  Melbourne Water were approached through the planning permit process to approve the new roof network. We were then engaged to provide opportunities to limit the impact of the increased flows as the farm was located at the headwaters of a high quality waterway.

In our engagement we found that the grower was uninterested in using the water due to the risk of contamination to their sensitive crop.  In order to protect the downstream waterway, the grower then required to install OSD or retarding basins on site to limit the outflow.  Due to the limitation of land (and preference to use the land-take commercially) the grower installed a concrete tank with low flow outlet on site.  This also gave the grower the option to use the water in the future if crops change and re-use options materialise.

Key Features and Innovations:

  • Land Capability assessment
  • On-site-detention sizing
  • Grower engagement and collaboration