Client: Clearwater

Project Summary:

Jamie Tainton (while at Storm Consulting) ran the “Introduction to WSUD” training short course on behalf of Clearwater. 

Utilising existing workshop material, Jamie engaged with the audience on water sensitive urban design (WSUD) basics.  The intended audience for this programme were absolute beginners to  WSUD and were educated from the “what is a raingarden, what is a wetland” level with images, diagrams and explanations that highlighted key features of each asset type.

The session was interactive and offered the audience an opportunity to ask questions and explore the basic assets to a level that suited their high level management or graduate entry level roles. 

Jamie was engaging and informative, approachable and friendly in her presentation style.  The course was discontinued with demand for a more detailed and intensive workshop was preferred.

Tania has recently talked to Jamie about finding a new program for her to work with Clearwater on.

Jamie has also run courses outside of the clearwater engagement on maintenance (City of Port Phillip and shire of Yarra Ranges).  Workshops are quite common in the Council style of project as we bring together a variety of Council officers from a variety of background.

Key Features and Innovations:

  • Capacity Building
  • Interactive engagement
  • Training